There are numerous game mechanics that help the game work properly. Here are the understood ones:

Experience (XP)Edit

XP is gained from getting kills or by capturing an objective. By getting xp with a certain class you can unlock new guns. This is currently bugged and about 25% of xp is saved.


The amount of ammo you can store in your gun varies from weapon to weapon. The way the game displays your ammo is a little complicated. Most games your have a format that is looks like this:
Black Ops 2 Ammo Counter

A simple format of 1) How much ammo is in your gun. 2) How much ammo do you have in reserve.

However in Ravaged it looks like this:
Ravaged Ammo Counter

This from the outside looks simple, but is actually complicated. Unlike at first glance where it looks like once you reload you loose all of the ammo in the mag, it actually saves it but because you no longer have a full mag it displays it as less. The format is as follows: 1) How much ammo is in your gun. 2) How many full clips do you have left.