The Gyrocopter is a custom-built, small, one-man seater helicopter/chopper that has dual fan-blades to propel itself within a reasonable verticle incline at the sacrifice of speed and fine mobility. The Gyrocopter in Ravaged are built from scrap-pieces of metal from other vehicles and pipes available that allows continuous production in a world ravaged by lack of material, production facilities/machinery, and of-course fit the available gas quantity. Most Gyrocopters in Ravaged are/can be equipped with weapons that fire rounds or even small balistics capable of taking down a single un-lucky soul or even light-armoured vehicles.

(There is the chance of Gyrocopters having an additional turbine behind the main-piece [cockpit/motor] to allow easier and faster horizontal flying at the cost of additional fuel-consumption. The idea might be built around player customization where they can decide their play-style with vehicles ((IE: A player who wants to get around faster and easier compared to someone who wants a fighter-style vehicle for combat.))